Getting started with Tezos and minting on

This blog post shows you how to get started with tezos and minting your first NFT on hicetnunc.

To get straight to the point, you essentially need these two things:

  1. A hicetnunc compatible Tezos wallet
  2. Some tez in your Tezos wallet

And then you're ready to get started with minting on the Tezos blockchain via (if the isn't loading or showing a blank page, don't panic the page is still being developed).

Tezos Wallets

There's many different wallets all with their pros and cons, 4 of which are currently suported by Temple Wallet, Spire, Galleon and Kukai.

Personally I use Temple Wallet because it's the first one I tried and seems convenient so far. Once you install the extension or desktop app, you'll have to create a wallet. You will be asked to set up a seed phrase and store it somewhere secure so you remember it later. This is very important, store your seedphrase securely! Otherwise you might not have access to your money anymore!

Once you have your wallet set up, you're ready to receive tez in it. You can either set up an account on an exchange site like coinbase and binance, exchange some fiat currency for tez and then send them to yourself, or alternatively, have someone who already has some tez send some to you. Where the easier option is the latter. Some kind people on Twitter are actually giving out some tez for free to get you started, such as these guys here. Nonetheless, you'll eventually have to set up an exchange account anyway to trade in your cryptocurrency for real money.

Minting on

If you're ready to mint your first #CleanNFT and you have at least 0.08 XTZ in your wallet (it costs a small fee to mint the NFT), then you're good to go! Head over to, click the drop down icon in the top right corner and click 'OBJKTs (mint NFTs)'. The term OBJKT is basically hicetnunc's alias for NFTs. It'll take you to a page where you have to fill out some details about the NFT you want to mint:

  1. A quirky name for your OBJKT
  2. A brief description about the NFT. Also make sure to include your Twitter handle in this description, various Twitter bots are tweeting out all the NFTs that go live on  hicetnunc in real time. Including your Twitter handle allows potential buyers to verify that you're the original creator.
  3. And thirdly some tags relevant to the NFT. They don't do anything just yet, but will probably play a role sometime in the future for organizing the content on the website.
  4. Lastly you'll have to specify how many editions you want to have of the minted OBJKT. This essentially specifies the rarity of your NFT, so set your number accordingly. This also determines how much it will cost to mint the OBJKT, each edition you mint costs you 0.08 XTZ. So minting 3 editions of your OBJKT will cost you 0.24 XTZ. Keep that in mind, lest you type in some arbitrarily large number.

Now hit the 'mint' button. It'll notify that you have to 'sync' first, with a pop up window. Hit 'sync' in the upper right corner, grant permission with your wallet, then try pressing mint again. It'll ask you for another notification from your wallet to execute the transaction. The Temple wallet should show you sccuess message in the top right corner, or something else if something goes wrong. If everything went well it should have minted your NFT.

Managing and curating your assets

After minting your OBJKT wait 2-3 minutes then click the drop down menu again, and click 'manage assets'. Your wallet is going to ask for permission. Now it should show you a page that contains your OBJKT with it's resective number (if it doesn't then wait a while longer before you try minting it again, sometimes it just doesn't mint it). Click on your OBJKT, and it should take to a page that is displaying your OBJKT in all it's glory with the information you've entered earlier below it.

Your NFT is minted, but you still have to offer it up for purchase. Hit 'sync', and some new buttons should show u next to 'info' and 'owners'. Click on the 'curate' button (it could also have a different name like 'swap', depending on what the devs decide to call it). It'll make two fields apear underneath it 'objkt amount' and 'price per objkt (in tez)'. The first field will specify how many of the OBJKTs you minted you want to offer up for auction. If you minted 3 editions of your OBJKT earlier, you might want to offer up 2 of them for purchase and keep one for yourself, hence you would enter 2 in this field. In the next field you'll enter the price you want to sell each edition of your your OBJKT for. Depending on how much work you've put into your OBJKT this might vary. Keep in mind how much 1 XTZ is in USD, currently 1 XTZ is about 4 USD, so you'll have to see for yourself how much you value your art. Then just hit 'curate' and after a couple of minutes your NFT will be ready for purchase.

Now go and spread the word about it on Twitter or Reddit, so that people can find your NFT and buy it.